Oilfield Logistics


Let us manage your entire logistics, from the call center to rate negotiations to delivery.  We can simplify your business so you can focus on your core competency.


I Am Worldwide llc specializes in the logistics management of imported oil field products, ceramic proppants and guar gum. From port to the field, we develop tailored supply chain solutions specific to our client’s needs, providing reduced transit times and maximizing opportunities to reduce costs.


As one of the highest volume Houston shipper to the North American shale plays I Am Worldwide llc understands the demands and expectations of servicing the oil field sector. We offer strategic capacity solutions through our network of carriers tailored to meet your needs. Year round Railcar and Truckload Capacity: Houston is supported by a strong inbound market for both truck and boxcar to support the oil and gas industry year-round reducing costly delays in the supply chain.