Who We Are

We are a company with great integrity and honesty.  We pride ourselves on the manner in which conduct our business.  We understand that true value is built in forging relationships and partnerships.

Our Mission is:
• To provide best-in-class customer service,
• To create value for our customers through  loyal partnerships,
• To sustain a safe driving environment for our drivers, customers, and the general public.

Our Core Values are:
 Service.  Our customers come first.  If we do not provide them value then we are not doing our jobs.
 Integrity. We manage our operations and services with honesty, efficiency and reliability.
• Collaboration. Two minds are always better than one, so we leverage the collective genius of people.
• Accountability.   We are responsible for our own actions and the consequences of our actions.
• Loyalty. We earn the respect and confidence of our employees and customers every day and strive for long prosperous, rewarding relationships.
• Urgency. We act like every load is the difference between success and failure.  We do not take anything lightly.  We are responsive to change and to the needs of our customers.